6 Things To Stop Apologizing For Right Now

Beyonce said it best “I aint sorry.” In this life people want you to conform. They want you to do. You absolutely cannot do that. You will never fully enjoy life until you completely live it on your terms. Stop apologizing! Heres a list to get you started.

  1. Ending a Toxic Relationship– Toxic is toxic. It doesn’t matter if its your sister. You never have to apologized for ending a business, friendship, or personal relationship. When people are done in your life their done. End it.
  2. Saying No– Its still an answer. More or less not the one sought out but still an answer.
  3. Your Priorities-If you know you can’t go see Chris Brown dance across the stage Saturday, and still have electricity Monday. Its perfectly fine to sit this one out. If anyone in your life is upset about this … see number 1.
  4. Following Your Dreams– Living your best life is whats popular to say, but doing it. Imagine the ultimate freedom of doing what you’ve dreamed about since high school. But its your job.
  5. Standing Your Ground– Don’t be moved. No matter what chatter, you get don’t be moved.
  6. Your Imperfections– Be a perfect imperfection. Love and embrace every so called flaw.

I’ve done the research. Trust me on this. There are enough sorry people on this Earth. No need to be one. Stop apologizing. Get your life back.

Evolve Right Now. OOTD

evolve right now. bad habits turned good, worst situations gone fine, wrong scenarios overturned, but I keep myself fresh

Earrings, T-Shirt | Zara

Berumda Short|Levi || Booties|Betsey Johnson (on sale online at Macys.com )


Fenty PRO FILT’R 420 || Jacklynn Hill x Morphe Palette || Fenty Mattemoiselle Candy Venom || Earring Thrifted

Do you guys recognize this top? I DIY’d this rhinestone studded stockings into sorta and off the shoulder top. I attended a birthday party themed Diamonds & Denim! I think I nailed it 

Wallet by Michael Kors||Denim by Levis

Pumps by Zara

Met Gala 2018: Heavenly Bodies

Katy Perry in Versace. She is literally angelic!

Bad Gal in custom made Maison Margiela designed by Galliano. Rihanna you are the queen of this night!

SZA in a silk tulle multilayered gown, with jewel embelished bodice. I love this she looks like a barbie

Kim Kardashian West in a golden gown by Versace. Sleek and sexy! Love her makeup on this night!

Lana Del Ray wearing a Gucci long sleeve silk cady & lace, inspired by Our Lady of Sorrows! Totally went with the theme

Cardi B wearing Jeremy Scott. She looks so virgin Mary ish but preggo

Chadwick Boseman in an amazing Versace tuxedo

Finally. My Carrie is wearing an Alta Moda corset gown with a Cathedral train. Gold Baroque embellishments and sacred hearts. Sarah is it in this Dolce & Gabana look


Turns out if you practice you get better! Im getting better at this makeup stuff. You guys already know I’m not into labels I will buy makeup any dang where. I got this palette at the clothing store Hot Topic. Peep the pic for makeup deets.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea in Rich Sand||Becca Chaser Highlighter Opal Flashes Jade get highlighter details here Highlighter Collection

Mermaid Tale Palette, Coconut, Beach Bum & Ocean Floor || Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Chocolate|| Tarte Maneater Liner||

Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in Cobalt||Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara

How To Take Your Power Back! 10 Self-Care Moves To Make This Week!

Life happens. It happens fast. You can easily forget about the most important thing in life. You. This life won’t work without you. Above all else you have to take care of yourself. Its easy to get lost in the world, especially the one we live in. Then when it happens, life, a breakup, death, loss of a job. Self care is how you take your power back. How you return from being lost in this world. Its like putting your phone down and recharging. You can practice self care every single day if you want. Its necessary. You must take care of your body so it will take care of you. Check out this list, pick just one and work it into your week. You’ll thank me Sunday.

  1. Pray. I cannot tell you how many time my day just felt lighter. Whoever you see as The Most High, just thank em! Being here is a blessing. Recognize it.
  2. Listen to your most favorite playlist if you don’t have one listen to one of mine here May Playlist.
  3. Go to the movies. Even if you gotta go solo. Sneak you favorite candy in.
  4. Binge watch a raunchy reality tv show. Any one will suffice
  5. Go to Aldi and buy a bouquet of the prettiest flowers they have. Put them either in a place you’ll see them as soon as you wake up or at the entrance you use the most.
  6. Listen to a dope podcast. A friend of mine suggested I check out Black Girl Podcast and its really dope so far.
  7. Give yourself an at home spa day! Well get a bath bomb and sit in your tub as long as you need. Throw some candles and wine in the mix. I mean hey self care is about you!
  8. Thrift shop or go to an antique store. I promise you will find a pair of earrings that will have you thinking you own the world!
  9. Help someone else. You could pay for a strangers Starbucks, or grab a carton of eggs for your neighbor (mine feeds me cake) Read a book to your niece.
  10. Dress up! Find the dopest flyest sexiest dress you own pick a restaurant inside some fancy hotel and take yourself out.

Our families, friends and careers are important thats obvious. The truth is your job will replace you and to be able to be there for your family and friends you have to be here. On Earth. Healthy.  No one will take care of you like you. Make self care a priority and live your best life as long as you’re able.


I took my birthday pictures late, like day before my birthday kinda late. Check out my makeup look and a few pics from behind the scenes at my birthday photo shoot!

I used Fenty Pro Filt’R Foundation 420 ||Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer Pencil Shade Chocolate || Morphe X Jaclynn Hill Palette, shades Cranapple, Mocha, Buns, Jacz

Once I got my lips together I used Fenty Lip Gloss Bomb||Tarte Man-eater Liner ||Sephora Luminizing Drops shade Starlight || Lashes by Eylure X Jasmine Brown, Jaybee