It’s Gucci

I’ll be honest with you guys, I put Gucci in a category. I just knew this book was gonna be hood as the West End Mall. I was thinking I’d need a translator to cypher through the slang. Pre judgment at it finest. I’m only human.

I was sorta surprised when I notice Gucci himself was the author; after the first few chapters I quickly learned why. Well duh Lipstickzngunz its La Flare is a hustler. Thats the long and short of it. Period. Neil Martinez-Belkin former music editor at XXL magazine lent his expert touch as well. I mean since he’s written a ton about hip-hop why wouldn’t he.

The rollercoaster ride of Mr. Burrrrrr starts out with humble well sorta humble beginnings deep in Alabama before we end up at the Texaco or Sun Valley, and long before Gucci becomes Atlanta Trap God. We meet his family and learn the meaning behind the name. After all none of us calls him Radric.

I learned a bunch. So many Atlanta rappers currently on my playlist could possibly not be there if it wasn’t for Gucci. Or anywhere. I can remember all the Gucci Mane rumors. Fake beefs, real beefs twitter being hacked. This book takes you to the other side. The side that puts social media rumors to rest. Was Gucci flipping the mess out or was his twitter really hacked? Was the Ice cream face tattoo really a bipolar episode or was it for attention. I love the fact that almost every Gucci song I’ve made into a corny Facebook status glorifies some type of drug, the book however, none of that. Rappers well anyone with any time of fame and fortune have access to almost unlimited amount of drugs addictions are the norm, but called the “rock star” lifestyle. Rockstar lifestyle might not make it living life high every clique wasted. Addiction isnt sugar coated by Gucci Mane. We’ve seen the visual effects of his “double cup” get the details. The gritty, grimey details.  Imagine being the at the top of you game in the rap industry while sitting in Fulton County Jail. Whats next? Howd he go from trappin at the Texaco to writing this book?

No doubt this autobipgrapy is entertaineing. I felt like a hustler. I thought La Flare was crazy. I’ve a new found respect for Gucci. When you learn about someones struggle; you look at the process and end result in a different way. I know why hes “cocky” “flashy” and I definately know why he loves Atlanta. I know for certain Gucci Mane La Flare is not crazy.  Hes a Trap Star. I was definately left wanting more. To read about all the twist, turns and upredictable stuff thats well pretty much life of the trap star. I’ve become a different kinda fan. I’ll listen more to the lyrics because I know they’re real. Street poetry that he lived and turned into MTV performances.

Have you checked out this book? I got it from my local library because Im broke. You can get it on amazon here. If you read or have read this book, let me know what you think!


Face Of The Day

I’m feeling this face of the day thing! Today’s face is pretty simple! Check it out and let me know how you feel! I think I’m getting better what about y’all?

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation Warm Chestnut || ABH Brow Pomade in Chocolate || NYX Concealer in 07 || Makeup Revolution Highlighter in Gold Addict || NYX Liquid Liner || Mac Velvet Teddy Lipstick

February Playlist

Whew Goodbye January! February welcome! Don’t come with the drama! This months playlist is full of my favorite February things; black history a whole lot of it and love!! Oh and I can’t forget Gucci! Check it out and let me know if any of my February favorites are yours too!!

Fair Food! How To Make Fried Oreos At Home

My youngest nieces are 3 and 5, and for at least 4 years every morning they want pancakes. I have so much pancake mix at my house I started reading the back of the box recipes. I have no interest in making biscuits. I do however love Oreos. I love fair food so a fried Oreo recipe is right up my alley. Check out the recipe and peep the pics and get fair food at home!

Ingredients: Frozen Oreos (or Oreo dupes), Pancake Mix & Cooking Oil

My pancake mix is pretty basic. As basic as it could get. Just add water. So I did that. Once I mixed up some pancake batter. I dipped my frozen oreos in the pancake batter. Once I covered the Oreos I dropped them in the hot grease!

Once the pancake batter turned golden brown I took them out. Yes indeed these babies were done. You guys there were so good! They taste just like the Oreos from the State Fair! I think I could’ve quite possibly ate the entire box of Oreos. I didn’t to save my self the shame!

Have you guys ever made your own fried Oreos? Whats your favorite “fair food”? These were so good! I recommend using double stuffed “Oreos” for this recipe.

Face of the Day

Since posting the first Face Of The Day post, of course I’ve purchased more makeup. It’s a sick sad addiction that I happen to love! I got a few new brushes because I had a 30% off coupon at Kohl’s. Yes Kohl’s carries Real Techniques brushes. Yes you can use coupons on them. I picked up the Jacklyn Hill Morphe Palette from Ulta. Check out my new products and this look inspired from a YouTube video I watch found here

I love this palette! Its so pretty OMG. I used the shades, Twerk, M.F.E.O., Hillster, Roxanne, Hunts & Abyss. The shadow are so soft pigmented and freakin beautiful.

Peep Regine in the back! I used Makeup Forever foundation 510, NYX concealer 07 & Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter Gold Addict

My lips look crunch but I promise they weren’t I used NYX Matte Lipstick Butter.  I got the lashes from Walmart & E.L.F. liquid liner I used the Bobby Pin technique. I used ABH brow pomade in Chocolate for my brows

How did I do guys? Have any of you used this palette? What bobby pin technique am I talking about? Click here to find out!


I don’t get dressed for guys. No woman does. We get dressed for ourselves and other women. I remember this night. I hadnt hung out in months. As usual I had nothing to wear. I did have stockings. I made this top out of a pair of upside down stocking and bling.  The sleeves are legs and the crotch is my neck. I remember walking into the party running right into my ex. The reason this stress reliever, Lipstickzngunz was born. What better way to say hi than slay.

Journal Entry #1

I try my hardest to mingle. I want to go to events but never do. Deep down I’m shy. Weird right? I met a bomb lash slayer in the small Indianapolis friendly black girl circle. Her names Erika but I saved her contact as Mz Luminary in my phone. She’s important to me in that I look up to and admire her. Shes on of those dope as heck people you meet on social media but never in person. I’ve legit watched her and her business go and grow through some changes. That’s apart of everyone’s story.  I joined her Journaling Facebook Group and wanted to share one of the writing prompts. Lipsstickzngunz started as journal and became one of the best things in my life.

  1. What keeps you up at night?

Nothing. I used to worry. 10pm would turn into 6am too fast. I gave all that up. If I’m up late and not working on a blog post its Netflix not worry that keeping me up.

2. Tomorrow will be better because today I learned?

I work with elementary kids and I learned some bad kids are my neighbors. I’m gonna threaten them with this information.

3. Advise I’d give to my younger self?

I’m not gonna answer this yet. I’ve been working on this type of blog post.

4. Something I’d love to learn?

How to braid my own hair. I know my mom gets tired of my nappy hair.

5. What can I do better to take care of myself?

Drink more water. I’m really trying this. Someone gave me a Pepsi and I have it away. Progress.


So here’s my first writing prompt/journal entry. Do you journal? Is journaling a stress reliever for you? Whats something you’d love to learn?