Forever 21 99 Cent Shopping Haul

If you watched my “How To Fix Broken Makeup” video on your tube, you know I’ll buy makeup any place. If its cute and especially on sale I’ll cop it. If you haven’t watched the video click here to check it out. Recently well like some weeks ago I visited Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I stopped at the Forever 21 outlet of course. I shopped around for a little bit headed to the register and slipped into heaven. Clearance makeup! I’ve not worked up the courage to actually record a “haul” video but I’m building up to it. For now check out this Forever 21 haul

Bath Brush, Eye Mask & these terry cloth headbands were all $.99! This metal this is a makeup brush clearing that I’ve no clue how to use was $1.99! The makeup sponge with the handle was $1.99 the other $.99.  Lipstick details below

Every thing in these pics minus the lashes only cost me $.99. The Everyday palette was missing 3 shadows so the cashier took it down to $.99, it started off $2.99. The lashes were $2.99. I end up buying 2 gel liners both brown. Product details below.

I bought about 6 of the body brush things. The eyes in the selfies were done with the everyday palette. It’s really pigmented for a $.99 cent palette. On my lid I used the gel eyeshadow in peach. It’s really spongy and feels wet. Not my favorite but it works. I also used the brown gel liner and the Antique Gold liquid lipstick. Wasnt to bad but I’m at matte girl. I got 2 lipstickz in matte, Jade & Dusty Lavender. That little macaroon is a lip balm I got 2 of those.  The lashes also not my fave they were extremely flimsy. I also got two shirts under $5 but it’s too cold to wear them. Perfect excuse for a tropical vacation! Did I get my money’s worth? Do you guy think I caught some good steals?


The Body Positive Movement is a movement that encourages people to adopt more forgiving and affirming attitudes towards their bodies, with the goal of improving overall health and well-being

I met Shinar Martin at the Power of Fashion Brunch. She was gorgeous. I recognized her from a So Anxious model call.  We chatted a bit and exchanged contact information. I found out she’d be hosting he very first event. A Body Positivity seminar. I’d never heard of one before, at least not in Indianapolis. She was so proud. I could see it in her smile. I reached out to get the scoop on the Body Positivity Seminar.

LipstickzNGunz– We only spoke for a few minutes at the brunch. I don’t think we’d even taken a picture. Whats on your resume honey! What do yo do?

Shinar Martin- I work in the fashion industry which isn’t huge in Indy. I’m a plus size model. I also teach model ediquitte, runway coaching.I teach the aspiring models the “How To” when it comes to modeling. I host a podcast called ” Battle if the Sexes”.

LipstickzNGunz– I’ve heard of the Body Positivy movement, but this is the first in Indy. Whats it all about?

Shinar –The seminar is for any and everyone. If you’ve ever struggled with the issue. If you wanna be supportive, catch some gems. If you ever looked at your self in anything less than postive. We want to uplift & empower the ladies. Indianapolis needed this. People suffer in silence and that can hurt. I was scared to get this going at first. I’m thankful for people like you who you know encourage me😊 I’ve entrepuner  Anj Blanchard-Carter of So Anxious Clothing and plus size model Sara Bennet speaking on the panel as well.

Lipstickzngunz – I got you girl! When is the Body Positivy Seminar?

Shinar– Its here in Indianapolis, Saturday November 11th, from 3-6pm. Its being held at 1157 North Arlington Street. Tickets are $20 for an individual and $50 for a group up to 7.< strong>Lipstickzngunz- This event is a first for Indy, why now.

Shinar– Its overdue. Modeling for 3 years had molded me into the Shinar I am right now. Being in this industry around models as often as I am I see it everyday. Not just with plus size. Even the tiny models struggle being body positive, constantly trying to maintain the size 2. I was very athletic in high school. Basketball was life. Fast forward to 2017 Im a 300 pound plus size model. I love all these curves. I don’t knock anyone for having surgery, dieting or whatever their doing. But what about loving on who you are right now. You have to be comfortable and love who you are through that evolution so you can glow when you finally evolve into who you’re supposed to be.

Well said. Call me crazy but I think having a positive self image starts with you. We can be our own worst critic at times. Its starts with your mindset. Think therefore I am. So why not own it. Own the fact the you’re the one with control of your glow up.<<

Pop Quiz:Which Type Of Fashionista Are You?

Theres a fashionista inside us all! Its important to understand which type of fashionita you are so you’ll know exactly how to slay! Answer these 5 quiz question and learn a little about yourself!
1.  You’ve got 24 hours and $2,000 to spend on shoes, you?
A.  Buy as many pair as you can on clearance, EVERYWHERE
B.  Splurge!
C.  Mix it up. Sneakers, Betsey Johnson even get your mom a few pair.
2.Your bestie calls you, she just won tickets to see Gucci Mane. You have to be ready in an hour. What do you wear?
A.  T-shirt, Levis, Nikes, you’re most definitely about to turn up!
B.  Your cutest body con dress and heels.
C.   Only Gucci you know is the designer.
3.Whats your “cold weather” uniform?
A. Sweats
b. Leggings, UGGS, oversized sweater
C. Doesn’t matter you’ll be warm inside.
4.  Red Lipstickz?
A.  NEVER! Your grand mommy says red is for “ladies of the night”
B.  On special occasions, when you feeling yourself.
C.   You have 6 different red lipstickz?
5.  Who Slays?
A.  Beyonce
B.  Rihanna
C.  KIm K
Mostly As – Frugal Fashionista
You like to chill. You dress comfy and can totally slay from the clearance rack.
Mostly Bs – Bad & Bougie Fashionista
Fashion Killa You dabble with trends. You’ll wear whatever you want!
Mostly Cs- Glam Fashionista
Designer or nothing! You dress like someones taking picture … everyday.
Which Fashionista are you?

10 Drugstore Products Every Beginners Makeup Kit Must Have

In the beginning finding a makeup artist was one of the hardest things for me to do. I had to bite the bullet and try to somehow teach myself to beat my own face. I of course turned to YouTube! I can remember watching hundred of videos over and over again until my make up became somewhat presentable. I’ve even practiced on my sisters. One of the hardest things for me to do i this makeup journey was buying the right products to get the slay done. It was a struggle to find products that were budget friendly that actually worked for me. I was learning so I surely wanted products that didn’t break the bank. I’ve put together a small guide for you all because I know I’m not the only one who can stand in Walgreens’ makeup aisle for hours. And leave with nothing. Its time for all of that to stop. When you’re confident about your purchase you’ll feel better using them in return you’ll be better at slaying your face. Just my theory

  1. Moisturizer-After your daily cleansing, and at the beginning of your makeup routine. Even if you’re not wearing makeup its a good idea to moiturize daily. I like to use  Clean & Clear
  2. Primer– Primer is the stuff that created a barrier between the makeup and your skin. It helps your skin go on a lot easier and gives it a nice surface. My drugstore choice for primer is Baby Skin by Maybelline
  3. Concealer- Does exactly that conceal. I use LA Girl Pro Concealer to hide imperfection Once I learned more about makeup I use to same product to color correct and highlight as well.
  4. Foundation- Hands down Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless. This will always be apart of my Holy Grail list of makeup products.
  5. Brows- Ive used a few different brow products. Brows can make or break a face so it takes time to find the right stuff for you. I started using a LA Girl brow pencil and transitioned to using a pomade or dip brow. When I think I’m cute I use a more high-end product. On an everyday basis E.L.F. Brow Cream is my go to.
  6. Mascara- Manga! That’s it that’s all! Nope there’s more! Everyone raves over THE mascara. You know the one with the Pink Body & Green Top. Theres no doubt about why this mascara has been around for ages. E.L.F. also makes great mascara.
  7. Eyeliner- I only recently started wearing eyeliner. My kid sister showed me a dope and easy trick to get my eyeliner correct evertime. Check out that tutorial here. When I added  eyeliner to my collection I stated with E.L.F. Liquid Liner and Covergirl pencil with a smudgey thing on the end.
  8. Lipstick- 1 nude and 1 red or pink will do any beginner just fine! Get some for under $2 from the Wet & Wild line. You can go wrong with that trio. Lip liner is optional but you’ll see its worth later.
  9. Eyeshadow Palette– You can’t create any looks without eyeshadow. LA Girl has an amazing nude Nudes Palette that I’ve experimented with and created looks for day and night. A must have for any beginner.
  10. Brushes- How are you gonna apply all this stuff pretty girl? I highly recommend purchasing a complete makeup brush set as opposed to buying individual. Buying brushes individual can get pretty expensive. I’ve done the leg work and its much less expensive to buy brushes online than in store. Check out this past post 3 of My Favorite Amazon Purchases  and try this brush set out for size.

Once you notice improvements in your work you’ll advance and experiment with different and possibly more expensive products but these babies listed with get you started on the right path .

BONUS– Highlighter can get messy and addictive if you’re one to indulge, try out NYX Illuminator Born To Glow or any Makeup Revolution bronzer. Beginner or not setting spray becomes a necessity. You’ve got to have something hold all these product in place all day. Check out this review on NYX setting spray review and tell me you don’t need it.


This started as an inter tube. You know the kinda you float on on a lazy river. Added some spray paint and sponge rollers and viola a donut. Happy Halloween!

80s Baby; Closet Halloween Costume

I usually get really into Halloween. Not this year. I just hadn’t been in the spirit. I didn’t even get candy to give out. I just wasn’t excited. In true procrastinator form I got all excited 2 days before the big day. My 2nd most favorite day of the year. What the heck would I go as? I headed straight to my closet. I legit pulled each piece of my “Round the Way Girl” costume from my closet. I’m really not 100 on what I would call this costume. 80s chic? Aerobics Instructor? Fly Girl, you know like from In Living Color?

Fanny Pack- Goodwill, Bodysuit-Forever 21

Headband-Hobby Lobby, earrings- local beauty supply

Legging-Kohl’s, Socks- Dollar Tree

Shoe- Aldo

How to Slay Falls Favorite Staple Piece

Stocking are very much apart of everyones Fall wardrobe. If they are they should be. Around this time of year I start shaving less so stockings become a necessity. Please keep that a secret. Use your favorite stockings can give your entire look an upgrade. Check out four styles of my favorite Fall staple piece. All these babies came from Lane Bryant’s clearance rack.

Black fishnet style stockings are a classic. A heavier opaque stocking dusted in gold.

Added crystals to the nude fishnets to give them a glamorous look. Polka dots have always been my favorite!